Gloucester History Sharing Project

The Gloucester History Sharing Program (which ran from 2010-2013) was a free monthly presentation of old images of Gloucester with historical background at the Rose Baker Senior Center. During the program, the audience was encouraged to share their own knowledge and memories of the topic. Our seniors have a wealth of information about Gloucester’s history, and showing these old images sparked all kinds of stories and memories that they enjoyed sharing. As a result, this program was not only a researched presentation but also an oral history project.

During its last year, Cape Ann TV heard about this program and started filming it to show on the local cable station. Some of these broadcasts are still being shown and can also be seen on their website. In addition, during its last year, the program was also brought to Seacoast Nursing Home, and I was looking into expanding to the other nursing homes as well.

However, this all abruptly stopped in Oct 2013. This program was part of Schooner Adventure’s outreach programming, but the funding was pulled a year ago so the program had to stop. When I applied to the Awesome Gloucester last year, I thought I had lined up the needed sponsors and funding to restart then, but it unfortunately didn't all fall into place. Now a year later, the Phyllis A. Marine Association has stepped up to sponsor this program so now I am starting the fund raising process again.

Funded by Gloucester, MA (December 2014)