Crazy Engineering D.I.Y

My awesome project involves constructing the realistic models AIRCRAFT; Fighter Jets, Heavy Bombers, Stealth Fighters/ Bombers, Commercial and Transport.., ROCKETS;Apollo Saturn V, Atlas ICBM V2..., SHIPS ;Tirpitz,Bismarck, Supertankers,Aircraft Carriers.., SUBMARINES; U-Boats, Walrus.., UFOs; Foo Fighters,Die Glocke.., Vehicles, Houses and War tanks.
In the year 2007,the young and the old alike always rushed in to buy the models for hobbies,recreation,education and decorations. I saw the need for a workshop due to the overwhelming demands.
The price for each model depends on its size and complexity. A buyer is able to dictate the size, shape and color of a model they want They are able to have them delivered in pre-fabricated sections that they assemble on their own i.e D.I.Y KITS. They can place orders of their own designs and patents-UFOs, Houses, Cars,Skyscrapers Factories,Bridges .., This demonstrates the flexibility of my project as opposed to imported plastic models. The project offers exotic and rare toys/models as UFOs , Rockets, Spaceships Submarines and comes in desirable sizes. The materials are biodegradable(Cardboard) & recyclable( aluminum). They are affordable and designs range form ancient to modern objects. The airplanes can glide over long distances.
A few months ago I began constructing my comeback models and showed them to very enthusiastic supermarkets and business persons. Their interests led them to order in mass. There are individual orders as well. Despite these encouraging orders, none could be met due to lack of a start up capital. So I keep them in wait .

Funded by Nairobi (September 2014)