KOOP: Bringing the power of radio to the people

KOOP is a community radio station that serves the people of Austin, Texas. Almost all station operations are performed with the cooperative involvement of local community members. Our mission is to provide high quality, innovative, and diverse community-oriented programming to Austin, with an emphasis on those communities that are ignored or under-served by mainstream media. We achieve this by offering training, volunteer opportunities, and access to equipment and broadcast time.

One of the ways that we serve the people of Austin is through the remote live broadcast of local events that are otherwise not made accessible to the wider community. For example, in the past we have broadcasted live music being performed at venues such as Cherrywood Coffeehouse and Club DeVille, as well as the 2012 Austin Mayoral debate.

An Awesome Foundation grant would allow us to expand and upgrade our current remote broadcast setup and owning the equipment that we used to rent, will allow us to train volunteers how to use the equipment. This Awesome Grant will help us to engage with the communities of Austin creating a collaborative media that enriches the cultural lives of Austinites in a way that differs greatly from other local and national radio stations broadcasting in the area.

Funded by Austin, TX (August 2014)