DVAC Lipstick Holder Outreach Project

DVAC continually seeks innovative ways to reach and empower victims, providing them with advocacy and critical information.

Our Lipstick Holder project is an outreach give away that we would offer to women at community events. Each lipstick container would contain important contact and safety planning information for victims to use in times of need in an unassuming cosmetic case that blends in with a woman's purse (undetectable for the most part by the controlling partner). Safety is of the utmost concern in reaching out to domestic violence victims and this project is a safer and opportune way to reach female victims.

Support requested from the Awesome Foundation of Oahu will enable DVAC to deliver critical information to potential clients in a secure and protected manner so they can contact DVAC for help. Thank you for considering supporting DVAC's Lipstick Holder Project.

Funded by Oahu, HI (November 2014)