Food On The Move

The South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre would like to create a new program for the summer months would like to be able to create a program focusing on Healthy Eat and Healthy Activities that would run 4 hours once a week for 8 weeks for youth ages 11-18.

In this program we will be looking to take 8 participants. In the first 2 hours of the program we will either like to take the bus down to the local farmers market were we can teach the importance of locally grown food and supporting our community or take a 15 minute walk each way to the local grocery store to purchase healthy food choices. This part of the program will allow the youth to have a hands on experience in picking out their food as well as the importance of a budget. After the shopping portion is done we then will head back to the South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre to cook a meal together with the fresh vegetables that we bought. During this time we will be able to teach healthy and affordable ways to create a yummy dish for our youth to eat or take home to their families. We plan on having a few experts in healthy eating and healthy activities (ie. Dietitian from the Health Unit, Fitness Health students) come in and join our cooking class and teach the youth and healthy choices and portions as well as the five food groups and how to read and follow the nutrition guide on food packages.

This program has a number of beneficial learning outcomes for these youth: they will learn planning and preparation, money management and budgeting skills, healthy food choices. We will also be looking at weekly flyer to have the youth understand that price matching and coupons can help in saving money in the long run.

Funded by London, ON (March 2014)