Rambot vs World 2014

The St Joseph’s Catholic High School Robotics Team aka ”Renaissance Robotics” aka Team 4525 consists of students, teachers and community mentors working together to achieve a common (and awesome) goal; building a real live robot to compete in the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition. Our regional competition takes place in Waterloo, Ontario in March where we plan to be awesome enough to continue on to the international competition in St. Louis, Missouri.
Last year, we were the recipients of the Rookie Inspiration Award, for our spirit, enthusiasm and overall level of awesome! Our robotics team offers opportunities to many students who would otherwise not be involved in extra-curricular activities, and we think that is pretty awesome in itself! The team requires the dedication and talents of a diverse group of young people and their mentors in a variety of roles in order to be successful. This gives students who have a passion for art, computer programming, marketing, finance, construction or design a chance to utilize and apply their talents in an effort to achieve one co-operative goal.
We hope to represent our community at these competitions with not just an epic robot but also the kind of team spirit, co-operation and gracious professionalism that FIRST encourages young people to strive for. These qualities are what make London and area youth and the mentors with which we work nothing but pure awesome!

Funded by London, ON (February 2014)