IDEAS For ARTS is an effort to show Orlando an example of an "Artistic Representation Towards Sustainability (ARTS)". Through this project, we will raise awareness about our environmental impacts through a creative street art initiative we are calling "sustainable graffiti", with a goal of changing peoples behaviors and #ReThink their impacts on the environment.

Unlike traditional graffiti that uses volatile chemicals and petroleum-based paints, (not to mention permanently vandalizes property), the sustainable graffiti method we will showcase environmental messages by pressure washing a stencil on dirty roads, sidewalks, and walls with water.

By pressure washing these dirty areas around the city, we will literally be cleaning the dirty surfaces, and revealing our message to the public.

This project is non-toxic, temporary, and uses no chemicals in the entire process.

As part of the project, we will highlight 5 themes of sustainability: energy, water, food, waste and ecology. For each theme, we will choose 1 statistics, fact, OR solution that relates to our impacts on the environment.

To have the greatest impact, we will choose 5 high-traffic locations in Orlando, with a focus on the downtown region.

We will also use the hashtag #ReThink in hopes of getting the public to take pictures and share this piece through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Funded by Orlando, FL (March 2014)