Mondays at Racine

Mondays at Racine began in 2003 when we opened the doors of our spa & salon on the third Monday of every month to provide beauty and wellness services to anyone undergoing treatment for cancer, free of charge. At a time when no one was recognizingthe emotional side of being diagnosed with cancer, Racine set out to attempt to offset cancer treatment's ravaging side effects and provide solace, care and support to it’s community members stricken with this disease. Having addressed the needs of this population for more than ten years, we have a keen understanding that the key to a patient’s wellbeing entails more than just the clinical side of healing; it requires attention to the mental, physical, spiritual and social side as well. We aim to work in conjunction with a patient’s standard care regimen, and offer services and support that treat the whole person, and not just the disease. We now offer our services every Monday.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (March 2014)