The UAE has a large population of skilled human capital from all nationalities that are sympathetic to the Palestinian struggle and want to get involved. However, many of those compassionate to the Palestinian cause are currently impassive due an extensive information gap. THey want to help and don't know how.

Therefore, a friend and I are launching an online platform (“Bilbaal”) which will connect UAE-based professionals interested in donating their time and skills to Palestinian organizations that need them. We are optimistic that by matching needs to resources, and minimizing search time on behalf of users, civic engagement will increase. We are essentially doing all the homework on behalf of the user.

We named our platform "Bilbaal" because it is means "on your mind" in Arabic, and highlights the need to keep the Palestine on our minds. Bilbaal will ultimately be a facilitator and primary information source for anyone in the UAE interested in helping the Palestinian cause. We believe Bilbaal will be able to:
• Create a community that brings likeminded individuals and

charitable organizations together
• Facilitate engagement with and contribution to existing Palestinian initiatives globally
• Organize information in a simple and interactive manner for individuals and organizations
• Encourage collaboration and interconnect organizations dedicated to similar causes
• Highlight ongoing activities through an events calendar per country

Professionals will be able to create a profile and search the site for projects that fit their skills and personal interests. Additionally, there will be an events calendar outlining Palestinian related events around the world. Professionals will also be able to learn from other user experiences through a rating tool we will have in place and message other uses through a private messaging system.

Funded by Dubai (April 2014)