34 years ago, in July of 1990, legendary DJ Frankie Bones planted the seeds of new acronym that would come to define the Rave scene: PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect). Today in Providence, a project called CLUB:CLUB is keeping it going.

CLUB:CLUB offers access to professional DJ and music production equipment at accessible and sliding-scale rates. They offer a mix of drop-in hours and structured classes, in addition to hosting events that bring students to stage for the first time. Their classes are safe, welcoming, and supportive; novices are welcome. Awesome Foundation Rhode Island loves how process is part of CLUB:CLUB's product; we believe their work increases local appreciation for electronic music, and, for the many communities who make it.

This funding will go towards a general pool from which CLUB:CLUB will purchase equipment; much of their current gear is on loan.

Funded by Rhode Island (June 2024)