Chips and Walk - Empowering Women Through Golf

Chips and Walk harnessed the power of golf to create a vibrant community of empowered women in San Antonio, Texas. Our mission is to break down barriers and provide a welcoming space for women of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to connect, challenge themselves, and experience the transformative benefits of golf.

At the core of what we do is a deep commitment to promoting physical and mental well-being. Through social golf events, we encourage women to step out of their comfort zones, embrace new challenges, network, connect, and cultivate a lifelong love for getting on the green. One of our primary goals are to foster belonging and camaraderie among our members. Women feel intimidated or and often hesitant to venture into golf, so we created a safe and inclusive environment where women can learn, practice, and play together, free from judgment or intimidation.

Our beginner-friendly events provide a gentle entry point for those new to golf, offering support, loaner equipment, and a safe community of like-minded individuals. We also offer friendly competitions to give women the confidence they need to participate in work, charity, and social golf tournaments.

Chips and Walk recognizes the profound mental and emotional benefits of golf. Golf demands focus, patience, and resilience – qualities that translate seamlessly into other areas of life. Moreover, social golf extends beyond the golf course. We provide other ways for women to connect and communicate outside our events.

We started one year ago (March 2023) with 3 golfers and have now grown to over 300 women golfers desiring to try something new, venture outdoors, and challenge themselves through golf. With your support, we can continue to break down barriers, inspire personal growth, and create a lasting legacy of empowered women who embrace the challenges and joys of golf. Together, we can build a stronger, more connected, and healthier community in San Antonio, TX (and beyond) – one swing at a time.

Funded by San Antonio, TX (May 2024)