Play Every Day - A Performing Arts community

My awesome project is inclusive drama classes in the regional town of Meadows in South Australia for kids ages 4 - 17. What started out as something that I just thought would be fun has become so much more important than that.

Our project offers a safe haven for neurodiverse and LGBTQIA+ youth, fostering acceptance and creativity through drama classes, prioritizing life skills like confidence, public speaking, and empathy, creating an inclusive community where every child can thrive. The kids who attend our classes have found a community, they have found like minded people and are encouraged to be their true selves. The result is seeing young people shine.

I have had the absolute pleasure of watching kids with severe social anxiety make friends and perform in front of 200 people. The year culminates in a performance for parents and friends, showcasing their growth. These kids love this project and it is such a delight for their friends and family to watch their kids be absolute superstars on stage.

“This has honestly been the absolute best social inclusion support that Tyler has ever used and I'm sure other parents would totally agree.
Thank you so much for providing this space!” - Jody Winton

“Elli is neurodiverse and has found this group to be far more beneficial to her
personality type as opposed to the multiple community sports she has tried.
She did take an initial risk when joining Play Every Day, but has since made
solid friendships with fellow members and looks forward to attending each
Week.” - Bruce

"These classes have been important for my child because it has helped him find a group of like minded people where he feels safe and confident.My son has been able to develop his emotional intelligence and his confidence in speaking
up to his peers and to adults in his life. He is excited to attend every week and I have seen a significant improvement in his self image and his awareness and understanding of differences in others". - Courtney

Funded by Adelaide (June 2024)