A Smashing Time

Recently, the caregivers have expressed an interest in creating a volleyball team. Unfortunately, AAFQ`s funding is limited and the registration fee is $10 per season with a $3 per person playing fee. The interested participants do not have the money to afford the registration fee or team uniforms. I have seen how the social activities at AAFQ offered thus far have truly proven beneficial and created a sense of cohesion amongst its members. As temporary workers in Montreal with limited familiarity with the language and culture, the live-in caregivers AAFQ services have a great deal of difficulty accessing resources. AAFQ provides these resources in an accessible manner. The volleyball team is a project I would like to organize for the live-in caregivers. The games will take place Saturday mornings at the Milton Park Recreation Association and run throughout the summer months.

Caregivers have been identified as some of the most vulnerable and exploited categories of the workforce in Montreal. It is an added challenge for them to integrate and socialise within the community when they must live with their employers.

Funded by Montreal, QC (May 2012)