Beyond Boxing : Emotional Regulation For Teens

Beyond Boxing is a unique program designed specifically for teenagers, aimed at reigniting their passion and fostering connections within their community. Created by a former 2-time world champion kickboxer and a dedicated former classroom teacher turned advocate for emotional and social regulation support interventions, Beyond Boxing offers a comprehensive approach to empower teens.

Through engaging in-person sessions, Beyond Boxing provides a variety of skill-building activities tailored to meet the needs of teenagers. These activities are strategically crafted to help participants rediscover their sense of self, boost their confidence, and strengthen their connections with their peers.

Our program will connect teens with relatable, local, community-focused leaders who are also small business owners in the area. Steve and Lena operate their business in North Geelong, and own their home in Corio. This connection will create a sense of belonging and care among the participants, knowing that these leaders live and work in Geelong and are invested in the best interests of teens.

Boxing sessions will provide a safe outlet for the release of stored energy and emotions in the body. The visible impact of this cathartic release will include improved relaxation, self-assuredness, and openness to connecting with others.

Our program goes beyond traditional boxing techniques; it emphasises social and emotional regulation support, helping teens develop essential life skills that extend far beyond the ring. By participating in Beyond Boxing, teenagers gain the tools and confidence they need to navigate challenges, present themselves confidently, and thrive in both their academic and social lives.

When teens discover inspiration, their potential for growth becomes boundless.

Funded by Geelong (June 2024)