Canopy Peer Navigation Program

The Canopy Peer Navigation Program is the first dedicated Peer Support initiative for people living with HIV in North Dakota. The mission of the Canopy Peer Navigation Program is to be relentless champions for people affected by HIV/AIDS and do all we can to help them thrive. Support is provided by Peer Navigators, who are compassionate and engaged folks living with HIV. They provide personalized support to others living with HIV, both on an individual basis and through the facilitation of group support meetings.

We provide three HIV Peer Support meetings per month -- two online and one in-person (Fargo). Our group support meetings foster a sense of community, alleviate isolation, enhance educational opportunities, and facilitate better medication adherence among individuals living with HIV. As such, we are acutely aware of the importance of expanding our in-person support groups across North Dakota. Unfortunately, current funding cannot cover expenses related to refreshments, guest speakers, and location space to host meetings. Recognizing the invaluable role sharing a meal plays in building a sense of community and with full awareness of the disproportionate impact of poverty and hunger on our participants, we consider providing food an indispensable component of group support services.

Our program goes beyond connecting people living with HIV to individuals with similar life experiences. It also addresses broader social determinants of health impacting participants by fostering a sense of community and actively linking participants to a spectrum of healthcare services and valuable resources. We incentivize group support meeting attendance and honor participants' contributions by providing gift cards, which also serve to enhance participants' ability to afford basic necessities.

Funded by Cass Clay (May 2024)