Community CPR/First aid

I have provided licensed childcare in my Georgetown home for 31 years. Because of my profession, I have taken CPR and first aid for all of those years as required. But I have seen how people can panic when an emergency arises and would love the opportunity to help them gain knowledge that will aid them when this happens. About 25 years ago, I worked with the Red Cross to bring a training to Georgetown. This was a full certification program and about 30 people got trained but it was a lot of hours and over two nights.
I reached out to the Chief McKay a few months back and asked if there were a way to work Awesome Georgetown and his department to again offer a program for the community. Though he was very interested, it was decided that a full certification program would be difficult. He said he would talk to his team and try to come up with an alternative.
Well, they did it!! We have the possibility of training 40 people in a pilot program. This will not be a training for people who need a full certificate. It will be a basics training, covering Infant/Child/Adult CPR, choking, AED and first aid for community members. Full proposal from Chief McKay is available but I need an email to send it to.

Funded by Georgetown, MA (February 2024)