Love Shouldn't Hurt

Love Shouldn't Hurt Kids.

We have a program that we currently run that is called Love Shouldn't Hurt. We have decided to launch Love Shouldn't Hurt Kids and Love Shouldn't Hurt Babies for those adults who have kids and babies but want to attend our program. We have had to turn participants away because we didn't have a program for their kids or offer childcare. Other times we invited them into the program which we identified as both, not age appropriate and a total distraction for the other participants. We developed an anti-bullying program for kids ages 5-12. And childcare for kids 6months-4. We created an ambassador program for teens ages 13-17 (who have gone through our program) to facilitate this class. We currently have 3 ambassadors facilitating the program. We also have one volunteer who is assigned to the childcare program. We currently do not have any participants who have babies, but participants in the past have not attended a class on days that they could not get childcare.
Our Love Shouldn't Hurt Kids Program, mirrors our Love Shouldn't Hurt Program, as much as possible, replacing the different domestic violence discussions with bullying discussions. The goal of this program is to address the do's and dont's of healthy friendships, identifying signs of bullying, and how to identify and express feelings. It is a 12-week program designed to run alongside the 12-week program, Love Shouldn't Hurt that is on the other side of the wall. Therefore, both programs are running concurrently.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (February 2024)