Project Valentine

Project Valentine is an annual event that we hold, where our volunteers handwrite messages and make cards which are sent to brighten the day of front-line workers such as paramedics and hospital workers! Following the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we understand how important it is to show our love, support and appreciation for those on the frontlines. Through this project, not only can volunteers gain their hours, but they can also give back to their community in a positive way.

Unlike other card-making initiatives, these cards will be given to front-line workers for their continuous efforts to keep the community safe and healthy. Since each card must also be made by hand, every card will have personalized and unique artworks with original messages coming straight from the heart of our volunteers!

Project 5K was able to engage over 400 student volunteers in 6 provinces across Canada with more than 2800 cards being made.

Funded by Toronto (January 2024)