Shape Up & Shape the World

Empower 25 homeless individuals by providing free haircuts, professional attire, and comprehensive job readiness training, enhancing their confidence and employability.


Free Haircuts (Barbershop Collaboration):

Partner with local barbershops to provide free haircuts for participants.
Estimate cost: $5 per haircut x 25 individuals = $125
Professional Attire Distribution:

Collaborate with thrift stores or seek donations to secure affordable professional attire (suits, business attire).
Estimate cost: $20 per outfit x 25 individuals = $500
Resume Writing Workshop:

Hire a professional resume writing coach or consultant to conduct a comprehensive workshop.
Include sessions on resume building, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile enhancement.
Provide writing materials for participants.
Estimate cost: $300
Mock Job Interview Session:

Arrange for career professionals or HR experts to conduct mock job interviews.
Create a realistic interview environment to help participants gain confidence and polish their interview skills.
Offer constructive feedback and tips for improvement.
Estimate cost: $75 for refreshments and materials
Transportation Assistance:

Allocate a portion for transportation assistance to ensure participants can attend the workshop and interview sessions.
Estimate cost: $100
Documentation and Photography:

Capture the transformations and success stories through photography.
Document the journey for potential future collaborations or fundraising efforts.
Estimate cost: $50 for photography services
Total Estimated Budget: $1,050


Week 1-2: Secure collaboration agreements with barbershops, thrift stores, and workshop facilitators.
Week 3-4: Collect professional attire and distribute to participants.
Week 5: Host the Resume Writing Workshop.
Week 6: Conduct the Mock Job Interview Session.
Week 7: Follow up with participants for feedback and further support.
Impact Evaluation:

Funded by Newburgh, NY (February 2024)