Furnishing Homes for the Formerly Homeless

House N2 Home (HN2H) has become the go-to in Washtenaw County for helping vulnerable people, who are moving out of homelessness, create a real home.

In 2017 a group of four friends got together to furnish a home for one single mom and her children. In just 5 years those same women grew Hn2H into what it is today. With a passionate volunteer force of 100+ and four paid "heavy lifters, we just celebrated our 1000th move!

The process begins when a caseworker from one of more than 30 community agencies, including Safe House, Shelter Association of Washtenaw County and Avalon Housing, contacts us with the great news that they have secured housing for a client. We meet the client to find out favorite colors, hobbies, interests, etc. We then tailor the home specifically for the client. Using donated furnishings, artwork, dishes, cookware, vacuums, beds, toys, linens and books, we completely furnish their new home and even provide fresh flowers, homemade cookies and food for their pantry.

This year alone we have furnished homes for 680 clients including 300 children. That's 350 couches, TV's, microwaves, coffee pots and dining tables, etc. 640+ pillows, mattresses and bedside tables etc. In addition to helping restore the dignity of community members transitioning out of homelessness, our secondary mission is keeping items out of landfill. We have volunteers who repair electronics, repurpose art and refinish furniture. We have an entire force of volunteers who now collaborate with UofM to collect items during student move out.

One caseworker said, "I am so grateful for all that Hn2H is and all that you work so hard for. Thank you for everything you do every day, for the so many people in our community that deserve to have their humanity and dignity honored after having been without that experience for so long. You are all doing work that there are no words for in the English language. It is beyond human services, beyond compassion, and empathy, beyond love"

Funded by Ann Arbor, MI (January 2024)