The Monarch & Hope Block

We are small developers, investing in the Monroe Park neighborhood of South Bend. Through our work rehabbing dilapidated buildings, we are enhancing the beauty and function of the neighborhood while honoring the history and preserving the culture that already exists. We keep rents affordable and target solutions attuned to the local community’s needs.

In early 2023, we acquired the Monarch Printing Co building in Monroe Park. We were awarded the Awesome Fund grant in May of 2023, with a focus on unveiling the Monarch storefronts. We used the money in conjunction with the Exterior Enhancement Grant through DTSB, so we doubled the impact!

Over the summer, we acquired our second commercial building - the former Hope Ministries building at 530 S Michigan which is only separated from the Monarch by an empty lot. We now have the opportunity to develop the entire block from 516 to 530 S Michigan.

Through our development of this block we will provide the South Bend community with numerous commercial spaces designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as up to 14 residential units with access to outdoor spaces. Our plans include making this a culinary destination with everything from brewery co-op, food collective, community kitchen, restaurant, and a fresh foods market. We’re also creating numerous green spaces with native and edible plantings, using regenerative practices. Not to mention, we are restoring landmark buildings neglected for years and previously in danger of demolition.

Winning the Awesome Fund grant in May was a momentum boost for our small business, and now with this significant addition to our portfolio, we are hoping to do it again as we grow and continue supporting and revitalizing our neighborhood and community.

Funded by South Bend, IN (January 2024)