KFIVE is a nonprofit organization offering students in grades K-5 with English and mathematics in-person tutoring. Hoping to bring students back into the classroom after COVID-19 interruptions, KFIVE wanted to restore the traditional learning environment. With a focus on one-on-one and small-group learning, KFIVE aims to provide tailored support for students using individualized materials. All students are tutored by high schoolers enrolled in honors and/or Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Tutoring sessions are conducted on a weekly basis, with various activities incorporated into the lessons to encourage student participation. Recognizing that many parents are concerned about their child's lack of confidence, KFIVE prioritizes not only their academic growth but also their emotional well-being and intelligence.
KOLLECTIVE offers volunteering opportunities from across the Greater Pittsburgh region to middle and high school students, allowing them to explore a world of community engagement, develop essential life skills, and foster a sense of civic responsibility benefiting both the moral compass of the student and the Pittsburgh community they serve. In our “Thank you, Veterans” workshop, we were able to write 100+ thank you cards to veterans, directly conveying gratitude and support to those who have served our country.
Through tutoring and KOLLECTIVE, we not only enhance the personal development of young students, but also contribute to the betterment of the Pittsburgh community. We believe that by nurturing responsible, engaged, and compassionate citizens from an early age, we are making a lasting positive impact on both the individual and the collective well-being of our city.

Funded by Pittsburgh, PA (October 2023)