Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Mayfair

October’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Sam Kellerman and The Absent Friends Shadow Cast to support their continuing performances alongside screenings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Mayfair Theatre.

“My cast,” explains Sam, “has been performing the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Mayfair Theatre on a monthly basis – and six times in October – since fall 2010. We are all volunteers and get no funding from the theatre itself, nor do we get any outside funding from any organization.”

“Our show consists of mirroring the cult classic on stage – costumes, props, blocking, and all – as the film is projected on the theatre’s screen. We also encourage the audience to participate in all the traditions surrounding cinematic screenings of Rocky Horror – throwing toast, toilet paper, using water guns, wearing newspaper on your head, and so on.”

“For the last decade we have held the title of third-most-attended Rocky Horror screenings in North America, and we are the most attended screenings of Rocky Horror in Canada. We are also the longest running theatrical performance in Ottawa.”

“We aim,” Sam continues, “to preserve and maintain the phenomenon that has developed around Rocky Horror. We are, in sorts, a high-heeled museum piece of late 70's and 80's midnight movie culture. We also serve as a safe space for the LGBT, goth, counter culture, grind house, punk, cinematic and theatrical communities to gather on a monthly basis.”

This month’s shows take place Friday, October 27, at 9 PM and midnight; Saturday, October 28, at 9 PM and midnight; and Tuesday, October 31, at 6 PM and 9 PM.

Sam is the founder, director, stage manager, and costumer of The Absent Friends Shadow Cast – as well as an actor in the show. He is completing his studies in mortuary sciences, and works as a full time funeral director.

Funded by Ottawa (October 2023)