The Fourth

I am writing a book, based on my own experience, about a post partum woman who is being haunted. It is a book about Jamaican ancestry and folklore, matriarchal lineage and the things we leave our children. My post partum journey was lonely and maddening, it also made me analyze my relationship with my own mother, which led me to the fledging manuscript I am working on. My father is Jamaican and this writing journey has lead me to all sorts of research that is necessary for me to tell this story that is for and by the Jamaican Diaspora. Many of the books my local library has on my subjects are by white men, and in order to find the ones actually written by Black people, I have to purchase them myself. This project has blossomed in ways I could not possibly imagined, and if lucky enough to be awarded, I would take this grant as more of a loan because the minute I am able to sell this book, I will pay it forward to the next Bay Area writer in need.

Funded by San Francisco, CA (September 2023)