Colusa Donation Based Garden Stand

Hello!! I live in a small, rural and ag focused community. Our town is about 6,000 people with 25,000 in our county. Unemployment is high, migrant workers live in community housing, homelessness and food insecurity is a problem and many live in multigenerational homes in order to save money.

I am an avid gardener, but it’s only my kiddo and I at home. With the garden and hens, we make more food than we can use or preserve. That led me to the desire to build a garden stand on my property (I live in town but in the corner of one of the main streets/highway).

I have started the project by getting pallets donated by a local business and a local grocery store. I have purchased tools, have the plans and just need the finishing touches and to build.

I am a teacher and to me it’s important that I take care of our community, don’t waste food and show students that we are always learning and able to help others. I have members of the community excited to donate to the “take what you need, give what you can” stand.

Thank you for your consideration to help finish up this project and get it ready for our community!

Funded by San Francisco, CA (August 2023)