Bike Carrier Trailer for Orchard Village Bike Club

Founded in 1972, Orchard Village each year serves 300 men, women, and children with developmental disabilities, most of whom are living below the national poverty level. A very popular service of ours is our recreational therapy program.
Many of our participants have a goal in mind when beginning recreational therapy services, such as learning how to ride a bike. Orchard Village currently owns four accessible bikes, one recumbent bike, and three upright three-wheeled adult bikes. These bikes allow our participants to learn how to ride a bike, something not afforded to them without access to handicap-friendly bicycles.
With so many participants achieving their goal of learning to ride a bike, our recreational therapist created a biking club. However, without a bike carrier trailer to transport these bicycles, our bike club is unable to travel very far from our campus.

Acquiring a bike carrier trailer will allow our bike club to explore the beautiful bike paths in and around Skokie and maintain their newfound bike-riding skills.

Funded by Chicago, IL (August 2023)