Off Nite Show

OFF NITE is a weekly variety show performed live at the Tabard Theatre hosted by Mighty Mike McGee and Ato Walker on Monday nights and simultaneously broadcast to the internet highlighting the arts and cultural happenings in our greater San Jose area, with a special focus on events happening in that upcoming week. Each show features three guests who promote their individual events, performances or business, sometimes featuring a performance such a music, comedy or spoken word. The focus is to highlight the diverse and multifaceted arts and cultural landscape of San Jose, promote a wide spectrum of individuals and local business owners who are creating art and community and to encourage a greater engagement with the arts by the public here in San Jose. The community is invited to be part of our in-studio audience at Tabard Theatre, or watch the livestream from anywhere. Attendance is free.

OFF NITE is unique because it uses livestream and social media technologies to promote local arts and artists. This type of program would only have been possible through cable network TV and local access stations 20 years ago. These are underutilized tools in our local arts landscape. Additionally, OFF makes these opportunities available to individuals and groups who would otherwise face financial and technology gateways that they might not be able to negotiate on their own.

Funded by San Jose, CA (July 2023)