100 Trees Project

The mission of 100 TREES PROJECT is to plant trees in high impact urban heat island locations such as, public housing and public spaces to improve the lives of people, build community, and directly impact the urban quality of life and make an impact on climate change. 100 trees at a time.

Working with local partners, 100 TREES PROJECT plans to plant batches of 10 or 20 trees in each location. Six to eight feet in height, the trees are fast growing and are species native to New England. 100 TREES PROJECT provides the trees, necessary fertilizer etc., while the local partner, where the trees are planted, will be expected to commit to help plant and maintain the trees for the first five years.

As of today we have planted 90 trees in the 4 years since we started this project. 50 of them are in public housing in Boston and Gloucester. 20 are at Seaside Cemetery in Gloucester. The most recent 20 were planted at Burnham Playground in Gloucester.

We are currently scouting locations for next 10-20 trees.

Funded by Gloucester, MA (June 2023)