art-group Yav

Since 2015, our art group "Yav" has been actively creating works that oppose the Russian government, expressing our core values based on European and Western ideals. Democracy, human rights and freedoms, feminism, and anti-war sentiments are important to us, as well as active participation in public life. We engage in activism and media activism, striving to draw attention to important social issues.

The "Yav" art group was founded and is led by a woman named Anastasia, and our collective consists of only two people. Together, we work on video art, performances, street art, and media art to creatively express our ideas and opinions on important issues affecting contemporary society.

We also aim to increase the representation of women in street art and inspire them to engage in activism through street art. In Russia, street art is highly patriarchal, with women making up only about 10% of the community. We are confident that our creativity and active stance contribute to changing this situation, opening new horizons and opportunities for talented women in the world of art and activism.

We strive to awaken social responsibility, mutual assistance, and solidarity through our projects, demonstrating that art can be a powerful tool for public impact and drawing attention to pressing problems.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (June 2023)