Tenant Tools for Repairs

Our May grant has been awarded to JustFix, an organization that creates tools to fight displacement and achieve healthy housing for all. In collaboration with tenants, organizers, and advocates, they build accessible tools to help renters assert their rights. JustFix believes housing is a human right. By leveraging technology with housing justice movements, they seek to shift power to historically disenfranchised communities.

One of the tools built by JustFix helps tenants build letters to address repairs in their apartments. These letters can be assembled from any smartphone, detail specific repairs issues, and be sent directly, by certified mail, to the tenant's landlord, free of charge. This AwesomeNYC grant will allow JustFix to include color photos of user/tenant housing conditions with these letters to provide additional evidence both to highlight to landlords the extent of the damage in need of repair as well as in use in court cases as physical evidence to be shown in support of the tenants' cases.

Visit JustFix.org to use their tools, learn more about your rights as tenants, and join their email list. Donate to JustFix to keep their work going and empower tenants like you.

Funded by New York City, NY (May 2023)