Food Picked with Love

During the start of early quarantine, I was on a walk with my dog down the street of my local neighborhood. On my walk, I passed a beautiful orange tree, bursting with oranges, that were slowly falling to the ground and beginning to rot. I thought that people could really use these great oranges and I could pick some of this fruit and bring it to those in need. I knocked on the door and asked to pick the orange tree, and she said yes! I donated the oranges later that day and the project I named, Food Picked with Love bloomed! Food Picked with Love is a small community of teens, that I brought together, with a focus of decreasing food insecurity in our area, while reducing local food waste at the same time.

There are now about 10 teen members who pick fruit and are members of Food Picked with Love. We pick fruit/food off of neighborhood trees and bring that food to local food banks. Food insecurity is a huge issue, because food is the staple of life. 1 in 5 people in San Francisco are food insecure. People and families don’t just need canned foods, (which are great as well), but they also are in dire need for healthy, fresh fruit and homegrown food. We help to provide fresh fruit and food to those in need.

In just one neighborhood alone, my small group and I have picked and donated over 4,000 pounds of fresh, neighborhood fruit to date. I hope to spread more awareness about food waste and food insecurity. I want to spread my project, but I need the funds to support my mission.

I have picked so many different types of fruits and foods. We have picked everything from apples, lemons, oranges, pears, grapefruit, plums, to snap peas, persimmons, to cactus fruit. (The caucus fruit was super fun- and a little prickly!)

Funded by San Francisco, CA (May 2023)