Café CBOB is a health education podcast offered by the nonprofit organization Children Beyond Our Borders, Inc. (CBOB) with the aim of providing sensible and accurate health information in a culturally sensitive manner to the Hispanic community. The recently published Alachua County Health Equity Plan for July 2022 — June 2027 highlights many disparities faced by Latinos relating to specific health conditions, as well as a disproportionate distribution of health services such as hospitals, clinics, physicians, and emergency care facilities. This report reveals how the Latino community in Alachua County maintains the highest uninsured rates compared to white and black residents, leaving them vulnerable to serious injury, illness, and medical debt. With this research in mind, we hope to provide the Hispanic community with reliable health information from Spanish-speaking expert sources to address the severe health disparities faced by this community locally and abroad. Through the existing network of interns, academic professionals, and community partners, the Café CBOB podcast team will consist of a group of internal and external volunteers. With the assistance of the Awesomeness Foundation, we hope that the Café CBOB Health Education Podcast is a step in the right direction to improve health education in the Latino community and battle health disparities in Alachua county.

Funded by Gainesville, FL (April 2023)