Peace Love Dolls

I started Peace Love Dolls when I was in the 4th grade and now I am a junior at Westminster High School. My mission is simple. Spread smiles with dolls. Since starting I have expanded from just Barbie's to all dolls, as well as action figures, and dollhouses. To date I have restored, repaired, and packaged over 6,000 dolls and toys. I originally started with Social Services, and Safe Houses. I knew my items needed to be small and fit in a backpack. My idea and project grew from that point on. Not only do I work locally with several non-profit groups but I also work with an orphanages in Ghana. I have also helped to supply several mission trips with dolls and toys and they were able to put them in the hands of the local children. My newest initiative is to have more diverse dolls. Studies show that if your doll looks more like you it creates a better self image and foster acceptance of all people. These dolls, for this initiative, are oftentimes not donated and need to be purchased. I was able to grant three Christmas wishes this year by refurbishing dollhouses as well. So my mission is truly three fold: spread smiles with dolls, help our environment by recycling toys, and creating a confident, more accepting future future generation. My bonus is that if for some reason I cannot use the doll Mattel will recycle them. To date I have kept 1,000's of toys out of the trash by recycling them. Peace Love Dolls is meant to provide smiles for all it touches. I gained 501C3 status in 2021.

Funded by Westminster, MD (February 2024)