3MB AfterSchool

About 3MB:

Men Mentoring Men and Boys affectionately know as “3MB” is an organization which provides male youth and Men with a sense of brotherhood in the efforts to prevent them from spiraling to negative activities such as gang involvement, alcohol, drugs, premarital sex, and various peer pressures by exposing them to a higher power and with weekly discussion groups, community service, and recreational activities. Mentors and members desire to make a difference in each member’s life by assisting each other in managing problems and reinforcing positive values, giving them the opportunity to adopt those positive values and apply them to their lives so that they can become productive males in the community.

Our Vision
Empowering male youth to become positive productive adults while inspiring men to become effective leaders in the community, to assist in filling the gap of the absentee fathers by providing optimistic male role models.

Our Mission Statement
To teach and educate male youth and men to make wise decisions and good choices by providing them with mentors, leaders, training, and support through hands-on learning experiences, spiritual education, group discussion, life skills training, social skills, and recreational activities.

3MB was founded in 2003 and currently hosts a daily afterschool program which came about mid pandemic to help address the needs of working parents whose children may have fallen behind due to not having adequate academic and social support during the global shutdown and beyond

Our program prides itself on exposing young people to experiences beyond their normal exposure by taking them on educational field trips, college tours, community service projects, annual camping trips, conferences, and even mini vacations
Music, drama, and exposure to the Arts are paramount to our program as well.
We have a sister organization as well which is the Girl Talk Mentoring Program. The two together do outings and comprise a 4H program as well.

Funded by Cleveland, OH (March 2023)