SPANKBOX is a photographic installation that depicts individuals with physical disabilities in hypersexualized poses and situations. SPANKBOX puts the power back in the hands of those with physical disabilities by granting the audience permission to look, fantasize, and question disability and sexuality in a safe environment. It also allows people to see themselves for who they really are by answering the questions presented by those whose images hang in the SPANKBOX gallery. During the performance portion of the installation, audience members will have their words read back to them to assist the viewer with realizing their internalized prejudices and exclusionary practices.

What our grantee is saying: "SPANKBOX is beyond grateful to be receiving an AWESOME Award. SPANKBOX focuses on the lives of those living with disabilities. As a member of the disabled community and the founder and curator of SPANKBOX, I cannot begin to express how important it is to have this work be seen. Receiving both acknowledgement and support tells me that we are on our way to effective change and I would like to thank AWESOME for being part of change."

Funded by Disability (October 2022)