Modern Gargoyle Project

The Modern Gargoyle Project is a series of screen prints and paintings that appear throughout the streets of Pittsburgh. These "modern gargoyles" are larger than life characters created to reimagine the historical significance of gargoyles as symbols of protection and implementing them in the public eye. These modern gargoyles appear as Steel creatures and bearers of light, greeting the public face to face on the city streets and inviting curiosity. These pieces are installed via wheat pasting, a temporary and biodegradable art practice that allows for a greener approach to street art. The goal is to expand the "Modern Gargoyle Project" farther across the city of Pittsburgh, attaching a unique QR code to each gargoyle. When this QR code is scanned by taking a picture of it, the public will be able to further interact with the work as they see it come to life before their eyes. These codes will link to hand crafted animations of each gargoyle, as well as pins to other gargoyles located throughout the city. This creates a game of discovery and a city wide conversation, as these works are accessible to anyone. These art works are not confined within gallery walls or exhibition spaces, and further fuels creative curiosity in the public eye.

Funded by Pittsburgh, PA (July 2022)