Central Charlestown JRL Indigenous Round

The Central Charlestown junior rugby league football club are hosting their inaugural Indigenous round to celebrate and acknowledge the achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families who have and continue to be a vital part of our Rugby League club. After a extremely successful senior event and consultation with Aboriginal members in the junior division, a decision was made to host a separate round that highlights the continued work in closing the gap and reconciliation across all months of the year and not just around significant events such as NAIDOC week.
We have collaborated with members of the community who mentor young Aboriginal youth and work in Cultural spaces to ensure this day will be around educating, celebrating and coming together with the focus on Culture and rugby leagues history as the forefront.

We will be allocating the funds across three areas
1) Every junior central Charlestown player will be wearing the Indigenous jersey designed by the Aboriginal members of the committee which will be theirs to keep as a inaugural jersey. A further amount of jerseys will be gifted to members in Community who are contributing their Cultural knowledge. All other outside orders will be asked to pay per normal.
2) Payment will be made appropriately to acknowledge the Cultural competency of Aboriginal Lore by paying for a Welcome to Country ($600) and a smoking ceremony ($200) to allow cleansing, healing and bringing together the Community. Dances will be held as part of this which will include children of the club and visiting club to learn traditional dancing
3) Additional décor that clearly represents that the day is focused to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

This opportunity for financial allocations will mean we are able as a committee, host and make this a expectation for all junior Hunter and Lake Mac clubs to follow.
this application is known and support by the committee members.

Funded by Lake Mac (July 2022)