Kids Give Cristo a Wardrobe for the World to See

My awesome project objective is to give Brazilian children an opportunity to have their art taken around the world through Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer souvenir statues. Everyday approximately 4000 tourists visit a estátua do Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro. Because of this, the most purchased souvenirs are the mini-replicas. Using fabric, I have designed robes that fit like ponchos over the mini-replicas. My goal is to provide these robes (in white) to art classes so students can paint, write, draw, and design them with their own style. They can choose a theme reflective of Brazil, such as the 2014 World Cup, Carioca living, Amazonas and so on, or they can design their robe based on anything they liked. I will then deliver the finished robes to souvenir shops in Rio de Janeiro where tourists can choose their one-of-a-kind robe for their Christ statue. I already have agreements with souvenir shops owners who are willing to be participants in the project.
These statues and robes will be taken to different parts of Brazil and to the likes of China, Angola, Russia, Paraguay, the United States and many other countries. They will sit on the desk and shelves of those who have traveled to Brazil and those who have not. And they will be seen as religious symbols, pieces of art and history. Even without the robes ever being unveiled these statues would be purchased all the same. But with it, tourists will jump at the opportunity to fulfill a child's dream of having his art taken to a different part of the world. This project will accomplish its goal of spreading the art of Brazilian children, and moreover, hopefully, achieve a better mutual respect, acceptance, and appreciation for the uniqueness that which God has made all of us...the goal of Christ the Redeemer. (Also, I am exploring how to create a webpage where tourists can upload a photo of their statue and robe once they get back to their home country.)

Funded by Rio de Janeiro (June 2013)