Tsav is currently part of the Zangezur Biosphere Complex, that combines Arevik National Park, Shikahogh State Reserve and a number of nature sanctuaries under one protected area unit, making it one of the region's largest protected areas.
Lately, Zangezur Biosphere Complex workers have made several visits to the local schools bringing birdfeeders as well as wooden bird houses to install at the schools in an attempt to raise awareness among the youth of the importance of local ornithology and its protection.

Following this dynamic, the project aims to invite wooden sculptors to create 4 sculpture of 1,50 meters high of the most iconic birds of the area like the Dryocopus martius, the Tetraogallus caspius or the Dendrocopos syriacus.

The art sculptures will be installed in different places along the village with informational panels. Altogether, it will beautify the streets of the village, increase the sense of belonging of the locals as well as increase the knowledge of the local ornithology without age discrimination (for youth and elderly alike).

The idea comes following a rise into the artistic current of LandArt in Syunik province.

Funded by Nature Armenia (April 2022)