Recovery Engaged Communities (REC)

Recovery Engaged Communities (REC) is an ARCO accredited recovery community organization that arose from the collaborative efforts of multiple partners who identified the limited community based resources within Western MN for those seeking recovery outside of a clinical setting. We envision an integrated community, free from stigma and where all paths of recovery lifestyle are embraced. Where support is given to cultivate a healthy body, mind & spirit, to encourage a purposeful life.

Our purpose is to foster creative connections and activities that produce innovative solutions to address life’s adversities, through community supports that sustain recovery. We approach stigma like a crossroads, with a lens to advocate for change.

By promoting recovery from substance use challenges and mental illness through advocacy, education, and service, REC strives to:

o end discrimination surrounding recovery from substance use disorder and mental illness,
o open new doors,
o remove barriers to recovery,
o maintain and sustain long-term recovery regardless of the pathway,
…all while ensuring that all people in recovery and people seeking recovery are treated with dignity and respect

We achieve this by:

  1. Bringing opportunities to people so that they can recognize their personal contributions to our community.
  2. Creating additional opportunities for all to be able to access recovery.
  3. Leading and collaborating with stakeholders in increasing overall recovery capital in the community
  4. Coordinating resources within and outside of the recovery community to increase the frequency and quality of long-term recovery
  5. Providing Peer-based recovery support services to individuals in need of non-clinical support
  6. Providing recovery-focused promotion and outreach programming in community education
  7. Organizing recovery-focused policy advocacy activities to foster healthy communities and reduce the stigma of substance use disorder.

Funded by Cass Clay (April 2022)