The sunshine garden

We have a square behind our homes which was fairly abandoned. At the beginning of the first lockdown I rallied all the kids and we began planting vegetables. We called it oursunshine garden. The idea is, everyone chips in and helps the vegetables grow and everyone get to take some yummy veg home. In the last year we have coaxed more people out of their homes and they have joined in but we have no budget and so far I have paid for everyone's items. We have one planter that we currently have brocolli in and the rest has always been done in grow back but they unfortunately don't last. We want to make this area an inclusive space for everyone from the elderly to babies. Learn about nutrition, vegetables and creating some budding gardeners. I keep chickens and I give out the eggs for free to those on the square. It's an amazing community square now but it needs funding and I can't do it alone. I've been asking for planters from the council since 2016. I got and it broke within 3 months. Some local builders have offered to build us some for free if I can supply the materials. They have also said they will build us some benches so that people can sit and be mindful.

Funded by Liverpool (March 2022)