Casa Crea

Casa Crea is an art collective ran and organized by four local art community members: Drew, Kennedy, Lunes, and Phillip. Together we have cultivated a safe space for artists of all mediums and walks of life. We were compelled to create this bi-weekly event to serve and protect queer and bipoc creative members of our community. Establishing ourselves at Esquina de Abuela, we aim to create an accessible space for all while also providing the tools for our friends to succeed. Our events provide the opportunity for local DJs and acts to come perform and set the ambiance for our other guest's creative pursuits. Additionally, we have set up a community supply table filled with items such as paper, canvas, markers, colored pencils, chalk, and more so everyone can be included despite their circumstances. Ideally, we would like to maintain this as a free event so our guests have a haven to create without financial worries. However, it does in fact take a lot of time, effort, and resources that we are only partially compensated for through donations. This grant could help us set up a sustainable model of operation to continue giving back to our community.

Funded by Miami, FL (April 2022)