STEM for Girls: Math Speaks Weekend Academy

Math Speaks is currently hosting a FREE 5-month, Girls Weekend Academy for 32 girls. During this Academy, math and STEM enrichment are the goals. Our young ladies collaborate with each other to solve math challenges that focus on building problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making skills. We transfer that knowledge to exploring STEM professions and actually learning about what professionals do in their jobs. Each month looks different because we meet a new STEM professional and experience a new hands on activity related to that profession. We've met electrical engineers, pharmaceutical scientists, etc. During this Academy, we will meet two mechanical engineers, one which will walk us through how to problem solve making a rubberband racecar. The other engineer will help us problem solve around making a cell phone holder our of Legos. We will also meet an environmental scientist that will share what it means to sustain food in our community. Our girls will grown their own plants at their home to experience the food growing process and develop ways to grown fruits and vegetables on a mass scale. At our last event, we want to provide our young ladies to experience more fun and applying everything while navigating through a virtual escape room.

Funded by Washington, DC (February 2022)