The Angel Box

The Angel Box is a resourceful box to help female teens with anxiety and depression using items that support mental wellbeing. This box will be sold quarterly throughout the seasons. Every box will contain different items that are directed towards helping anxiety and depression. We launched our first box in December and sold 30 boxes total within a week! These customers were reached through our Instagram (@theangelbox2021) and Facebook as well as our family and friends. The winter box contained a prompt journal, a car diffuser with lavender essential oils, a shower steamer, an anxiety ring, and Pinch Me Dough stress putty. My partner Saylor and I implemented these items because we personally use them and found them effective to support our mental wellbeing. Our researched showed us that depression rates rose in our community due to Covid. We also know how it feels to be an overwhelmed teen, which inspired us to create this startup. That being said, we would appreciate help spreading the positivity of The Angel Box!

Funded by South Bend, IN (February 2022)