Opening eyes and filling bellies

Food is an important part of Ethiopian culture, and I believe cooking and eating together is the best way to break down barriers and make friends. I am planning on offering an Ethiopian cooking class and vegan dinner open to the community, hosted at the State College Friends School. Through this cooperation I will be able to share new flavors, Ethiopian culture and Gursha (the gift of sharing bites of food with others) with the community beyond the school. I want to do more than just sell my food - I want to directly share Ethiopian cooking traditions and eat meals with our community.

There are few opportunities in the State College area to introduce students and families to African cultures, and cooking and gathering around delicious food are one of the best ways of opening eyes and hearts. And everyone who has ever had Ethiopian food wants to learn how to make injera, the Ethiopian flatbread made with Teff flour and used as both a plate and earring utensil.

Funded by State College, PA (January 2022)