Holiday Basket Program

The holiday season presents many challenges for some of the students and families of our neighbourhood. Parents and caregivers are eager to provide a Christmas/holiday morning, as understood by our societal expectations. For many families with financial circumstances, this situation often results in significant stress. Through a team of volunteers, we work together to help bring the joy of the season to these families through the Holiday Basket Program. Many families from Maple Leaf, Rogers, Meadowbrook, Prince Charles, JLR Bell, and Glen Cedar Public Schools benefit from this charitable volunteer effort. This year the event will be held on Thursday December 16, 2021.

The six schools identify families who would benefit from support during the holiday season and parents/guardians are contacted to ensure that they are willing to participate. Caregivers are asked to share the names of their family members (including preferences, sizing and ages) so that a complete family profile is created. A large team of volunteers then choose to sponsor a family from the list and purchase the items listed on the family profile.

The volunteers work for months in advance to ensure that all families are sponsored and to collect, store, and organize all donations. Our volunteers collect the donations from various community sources, organize and ensure each family’s needs are met. This year our desire is to continue to provide each family with a board game and books to promote healthy family time. The end result of the Holiday Basket Program, as proven over the last ten plus years is that families are able to share a Christmas together.

The coordination of people and communication with all six schools is a huge undertaking that is accepted with passion and determination by our volunteers and educators.

Funded by Newmarket (November 2021)