Community Fridge Newburgh

I have been collecting food for a house bound woman for about a year during COVID and I realized there isn't a place to pick up and drop off fresh food (perishables) nearby that people can access.
Community Fridges are popular right now in NYC and in Beacon, NY there is one behind Binnacle Books that helps the Community out.

My idea is to set up a fridge near the DMV/Newburgh Community Land Bank building along with Food Not Bombs and to clean it out and stock it with the help of volunteers.

We need the money for the electricity that will run to the fridge and for the cords and for a used fridge.

I would oversee the Project and would be responsible for any cleanup. Food Not Bombs would do the outreach, mailing list and other outreach to the Newburgh Community.

I would love to be considered for this very needed project here in Newburgh, NY.


Alison Filosa

Funded by Newburgh, NY (November 2021)