A mini-documentary on the varied phases of loc’d Black hair and the resulting relationships between self, others, and society. Curated, recorded, and edited by five Howard Black women belonging to an art collective called mAK. The documentary will include interviews of Black persons of all ages with locs, social media content related to current dialogue surrounding the hair type, a round table discussion, a man on the street segment, and imaginative animation transitions capturing the ethereal nature of loc’d hair.

The DMV being home to a large population of persons with loc’d hair is the perfect place to dive into the rich history of the permanent natural hairstyle. The documentary will include footage of DC natives both on the street and in sit-down form speaking about their experience with loc’d hair. Although loc’d hair is a global phenomenon, Washington, D.C. has a distinct, longtime culture related to all things Black and Black hair is only a fragment of this culture. The quantity of Black-owned businesses, specifically Black-owned hair salons, in the DMV is further proof of this heritage.

Funded by Washington, DC (June 2021)