Community Book Clubs for Kids

We are opening Rudolph Girls, an independent bookstore, in downtown Westmisnter this summer. As lifelong book lovers, and lifelong teachers, we know the right book - and the right conversation about a book - can change a child's life. We want to be able to offer book clubs to kids in the community through organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club, Together We Own It, the CCPS high school Black Student Unions, and other organizations that serve Westminster's kids of all ages.

We will work with the organizers/advisors of these organizations and clubs to identify books that will benefit their kids the most, and meet 2 - 4 times with the kids to discuss the book. (The number of meetings will depend on the age group of the kids and the length of the book). We'll also provide each child who participates with a free copy of the book.

We want to facilitate meaningful conversations with kids about what they're reading, and the impact that reading can have on their lives.

Funded by Westminster, MD (August 2021)