Blood Soup Children's Book

Blood Soup is a children's book/educational activity which teaches children about the four main components of blood, preparation and information on a blood draw, as well as coping skills to help children during blood draws all in a developmentally appropriate manner. I am a mom, educator and Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS), and have worked in the pediatric hospital setting for over seven years helping children understand procedures and diagnosis in a developmentally appropriate manner. I firmly believe that the more children know, the better they can respond. Often times, we try to hide information from children in order to protect them. However, that doesn't help, it only instills greater fear which lessens a child's ability to cope with a difficult situation (in this case a blood draw). Through my work as a CCLS, I could never find a resource that addressed blood in a friendly, non-threatening way. So, I made one myself! This book will help empower children and minimize emotional trauma that is so often felt during a hospital/clinic visit.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (January 2022)